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Frequently Asked Questions About Patio Homes

Communities for those 50/55 and older

Q. What is an Age Restricted Community?
A. An age restricted community is a residential development where homes are marketed and sold to persons 55 or older. Note: The initial 20% of deeded residents (at least one owner) can be 50 - 54 years old.

Q. How is the age restricted to 50/55 or older?
A. A deed restriction stating that at least one titled resident in the household is 50/55 or older, is filed with the subdivision map. Also, language will also be in the deed that will affirm the requirement for persons 50/55 or older.

Q. Who is eligible under the age restriction?
A. Any person who is 55 years or older. The initial 20% of residents can be between 50 and 54 years old.

Q. Are any children allowed to live in the community?
A. Yes, there is no restriction preventing children from occupying any dwelling as long as a resident in the household is50/55 or older.

Q. What do I need to provide as proof that I am eligible to purchase a home in an age restricted community?
A. Any valid form of identification which states the person name and age. Examples of such identification are driver's license, birth certificate, military ID card. All purchasers will be required to
sign an affidavit at closing attesting to their age.

Q. What is a patio home?
A. Patio homes are not necessarily limited in size, though they are characterized by smaller lot sizes which does limit the foot print of the home. Simply put .... they are homes on smaller
maintainable lots. A common misconception is that patio homes are built on concrete slabs. All patio homes have full basements.

Q. Who owns the Conservation Easement and how is it maintained?
A. The land is deeded to the resident who owns the home and is part of the entire parcel they own. There can be no structures built within the easement and maintenance is optional to the owner.

Q. If one spouse is 50/55 and the other is under the age of 50/55, what happens if the older spouse passes before the surviving spouse reaches age 50/55?
A. A surviving spouse who has not yet reached the age of 55 may remain in the home. If the home is sold at any time the buyer must comply with the age restriction of 55 years old.

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