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Our theme this season is taken straight from the classic Hollywood movie, Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The song “Pure Imagination” encapsulates what we love about music: it’s ability to transport listeners to a storied world full of possibilities. This season, we’re performing a concert completely from musicals and movies. We’re excited to present […]

We’re excited to perform Felix Mendelssohn’s Drei Motetten, Op. 39 for you this Christmas concert (Dec. 2, 3, 2017). It is a beautiful, luxurious piece of music perfectly suited to the rich, full tones of the organ played by our guest organist, Dr. Curt Sather. It is a collection of three “motets” or small, religious songs […]


Sonoro is proud to announce our Christmas 2017 concert series, “Mysterium” featuring Felix Mendelssohn’s Three Motets for Women’s Choir and Organ, Op. 39 played by organist Dr. Curt Sather. We will also be singing O Magnum Mysterium by Tomas Luis de Victoria and many Christmas favorites. We’ll be presenting two performances: Saturday, December 2nd at […]

And you should too!   We’ll be singing on Thursday, October 12 at 7:20p. Opening ceremonies start at 6pm. The evening ends at 9pm. The Festival continues until Oct. 14 at Seattle First Baptist Church. This is a great opportunity to enjoy choral music of all types and flavors from local professional and amateur artists […]

Sonoro Choral Society is proud to partner with GRC Wireless to keep mobile phones out of landfills through their comprehensive recycling program. There EPA-approved recycling program safely handles hazardous waste and diverts useable materials away from the landfill. How It Works: Sonoro collects flip phones, mobile phones, and iPads and ships them to’s recycling […]