About Sonoro’s Cell Phone Recycling Fundraiser

Photo Courtesy of New York Times who has a great expose about cell phone afterlife.

Sonoro Choral Society is proud to partner with GRC Wireless to keep mobile phones out of landfills through their comprehensive recycling program. There EPA-approved recycling program safely handles hazardous waste and diverts useable materials away from the landfill.

How It Works:

Sonoro collects flip phones, mobile phones, and iPads and ships them to smartphonerecycling.com’s recycling program. Technicians erase personal data from the phones, resell useable phones or useable parts to refurbishment companies, and shred the rest to reuse the metal etc. They pay us between $0.10 to $350 per phone depending on quality and age of the phone. We use the money to provide quality music and musical education to our community.

How to Help:

  1. Collect all your old phones and iPads.
  2. Make sure they are deactivated and erase personal data. (They will be erased and reformatted again at the recycling plant.)
  3. Deliver them to your favorite Sonoro Choral Society member or mail them to

c/o Vanessa Cameron
Sonoro Choral Society
1604 181st St. East
Spanaway, WA 98687

   Include batteries and battery covers, but don’t include other accessories.

      4. Ask for a receipt, if you want one for tax deductions. We’ll handle the rest.

What to Recycle:

Donate phones and batteries including flip phones, iPhones, Samsungs, Blackberrys, HTCs, Motorolas, LGs, and iPads. Attach the battery and back plate to the phone, if you have them.

Don’t donate accessories or charging cables including earpieces, headphones, or bluetooth accessories, mounting accessories, screen or body covers.

By participating you:

  1. Support your local community arts
  2. Get rid of junk in your house
  3. Prevent mobile phones from filling up landfills and leaching toxins into the land and groundwater.
  4. Feel good about making something useless useful again.
  5. Earn our genuine gratitude.

Questions? Contact Fundraising Director Vanessa Cameron at [email protected]

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