Member Profile: Vanessa Cameron

Vanessa Cameron

Editor’s Note: Vanessa joined us in January, 2015, and sings Soprano 1. Since Vanessa’s writing is so perky and fun, we will present the following in her own words. Enjoy.

The lone-arranger: What kind of musical training and experience do you have?

Vanessa Cameron: I have played music and sang for as long as I can remember. I played multiple instruments and was in an honor band throughout high school; the band traveled the country for performances. I continued with choir through the first part of college, but took a music sabbatical until I joined Sonoro.

l-a: What’s your favorite thing about Sonoro?

VC: The people I have met, the reminder of how much I always loved music, and the amazing progress I have made in my vocal technique since starting (thank you Jeremy for always pushing us to become better!)

l-a: Who are your favorite musical groups or musical icons? Why?

VC: Hmmmm…. I mostly appreciate people that write and perform their own music. To me, the beauty of music is equal parts sound and lyrical meaning. There is nothing more personal than putting your own thoughts and feelings into a song and sharing it with the world. Those people are inspiring.

l-a: If you could perform anything, anywhere, what would it be, where, and why?

VC: I want to perform in a large musical hall or theatre. Something classical, pretty, and full of emotion. The acoustics in those places are magical. It seems to make time stop, just for a second, while you are listening.

l-a: Tell us something about your family:

VC: I have a toddler, a dog, and an amazing husband.

l-a: Vocation?

VC: Nurse

l-a: Other hobbies?

VC: Yoga, rock climbing, being outside with my family (zoo, hikes, throwing rocks in the river, etc…), and working too much.

l-a: Favorites?

VC: Color: Blue

      Season: Fall

      Animal: Dog?

      Food: Spicy

l-a: Do you play another musical instrument?

VC: Flute. I started playing the piano when I was young, then once band started I played the clarinet, then went to the flute, then oboe (which I played throughout high school honor band), and then moved on to the trumpet for my normal high school band. But the flute is really pretty. Everything else was just a lot of fun, except the oboe… that is mostly just weird. But it fit me well🙂 

Interview by the lone_arranger

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