Member Profile: Krystal Hames

Krystal Hames

Krystal tells us that her favorite thing about Sonoro is the “sense of community; keeps people staying with us. We all work together.”

Krystal joined Sonoro for the spring show in 2013, in which we performed musical theatre and opera pieces. Her favorite kind of music to perform is Musical Theatre, so this was good timing. Krystal comes from a musical family; when she was a child, her father would write down the notes to music he heard, and then play the songs. In her mother’s side of the family, everyone plays guitar, and her uncle makes electric guitars. Krystal’s artistic abilities include make-up; she won a costume contest last October. Krystal sings Alto 2, and has sung Soprano 2.

Krystal’s current vocation is as a leasing consultant (“some say as the devil, especially when they are behind in their rent!”). Previously, she spent seven years as a service specialist at BJ’s; they keep asking her to come back.

Krystal’s favorite performer is Johnny Cash, because “he is real. He had problems, and wrote and sang about them.”

Krystal’s hobbies include drawing, painting, and photography. She has a son, Spencer, now 15, for whom the only place she can find shoes for him is Nordstrom, “because his feet are so big!”

Other favorites:

Color: Green

Season: Summer

Animal: Used to be cats, but after adopting her dog, Mickey, a cha-weenie, he “stole her heart”.

Food: Dark Chocolate (at least 80%, no dairy)

Musical instrument: Guitar

Interview and blog entry by lone_arranger

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