Member Profile: Chelsea Falk

Chelsea Falk

Chelsea tells us that her favorite thing about Sonoro is the community.”The way we invest in each other and show compassion for each other is unlike anything I have seen before!”

Chelsea is a Washington native, married for two years to the love of her life, Richard. Her father is a piper, and currently Fire Chief in Tangent, Oregon. Her mother is a retired medical imaging manager. Chelsea joined Sonoro in 2012 for the Christmas show Rejoice!, in which her favorite piece is Gaudete; she started out as an Alto 1, and moved to Alto 2 when a series of events led to that voice part having too few singers. She has also sung Soprano 2 in other choirs.

Chelsea’s first work experience as a child was as a live dummy for mass casualty training for FEMA. Her more formal employment began in Kazakhstan as a second grade teacher. Currently she sorts books at a used book store, while working toward a degree in the counseling field. She describe this as being “a vagabond in transition.” Her previous employments include four years teaching biology at a local high school, hotel reservation specialist, residence assistant, admissions ambassador, and tour guide at Whitworth College (now Whitworth University), stage manager at Tacoma Little Theatre, and “scream killer” at a haunted house.

Chelsea’s favorite musical groups are Foreigner, “because I AM a jukebox hero,” and Queen, because “I am having a good time! [Don’t Stop Me Now!].” Her favorite kind of music to perform is “music of the world, with cultural significance”. Besides English, she has sung in Filipino (Tagalog), Latin, French, Hebrew, Spanish, German, Italian, Czechoslovakian, Russian, Yiddish, Olde English, and Nigerian. She would like to sing in Arabic.

Chelsea’s hobbies include painting and community service working with refugees.

Other favorites:

Color: Sea Spray

Season: Spring

Animal: Elephant

Food: Nachos

Musical instrument: Bagpipes

Interview and blog entry by lone_arranger

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